Getting Started

In this section you will find some simple activities to encourage learners to begin to look at and talk about art. The visual glossary is a useful starting point for ESOL learners to begin to respond to and discuss artworks, and can be used in a number of ways: 

  • As a starting activity to introduce art terms used throughout the resources 
  • As a reference alongside the activity sheets, using the vocabulary word bank
  • As a starting point that can be added to depending on the activity focus
  • During plenary activities to encourage and extend learners’ use of subject-specific terms


Visual Glossary

Mix and Match Icebreaker ideas: 

  • Discuss each term in the glossary with learners, until everyone is familiar with them 
  • Cut up the glossary terms and mix them up, then ask learners to match the glossary terms to images
  • Hand out a single image or definition to each learner, then ask everyone to find the matching definition or image 
  • Cut words in half from the word bank and ask learners to find the person with the other half of their word
  • Ask learners to explain or draw a definition of the word once they have matched them