Getting Started

Getting Started

Exploring Art history with students can be a fun and rewarding way of enhancing language skills, which can easily be incorporated into your curriculum using the activities found within this resource hub.  

In this section you will find some simple activities to get students looking at and talking about art, without even realising. 

Using the Visual Glossary

The downloadable visual glossary can be used in a number of ways: 

  • As a starting activity to introduce art terms used throughout the resources 
  • As a reference alongside the activity sheets, using the vocabulary word bank (on page 2 of the visual glossary) 


Mix and Match Icebreakers: 

  • Discuss each term in the visual glossary with learners, until they are familiar with them.  
  • Cut up the glossary and mix them up.  
  • Ask learners to match the art terms to their corresponding images.

Extension Activity

Encourage learners to work in pairs with peers who they may not normally mix with: 

  • Cut up the visual glossary and hand out a single image or definition to each learner.  
  • Learners must find the person with the matching definition for their image and vice versa.  
  • You can also chop words in half from the word bank and ask learners to find the person with the other half of their word.  
  • Ask learners to describe or draw a definition of the word once they have matched them.