Portraiture Toolkit

Our Learning Department uses a combination of art history and practical art-based approaches to uncover the intentions and processes behind works of art, and to demonstrate that these approaches are not mutually exclusive. This method underpins the content and structure of this Portraiture Toolkit which comprises of; 4 Discuss sheets to help develop the art historical skills of looking, thinking and discussing works of art; a further 2 Create sheets addressing collage, printing and sketchbook skills; and lastly, 4 rich Artist’s Perspective sheets featuring conversations with contemporary artists who work on our learning programme, to demonstrate how art from the past can still be relevant today.

These 10 distinct sections are accompanied by a Portraiture Timeline which provides an overview of the major developments in portraiture using the Courtauld Collection, whilst highlighting key themes, technical advances, and the associated cultural and historical context. The resource also includes a library of 40 images of portraits in the Courtauld Collection, to be used in conjunction with these activities.

Download the Courtauld Portraiture Toolkit

Download the Courtauld Portraiture Timeline

Please email education@courtauld.ac.uk with your name, school’s name and address if you would like to be posted a hard copy of the resource.