Fashion Sense? Student Exhibition

In January-March 2021 students aged 14-18 from New-Bridge Integrated College, Cullybackey College and Slemish College in Northern Ireland took part in the Fashion Sense? project with artist and illustrator Toya Walker. 

We are hugely impressed with the zines they have created, and especially so because the project took place during a period of school closure when all students were learning remotely.

Using Renoir’s La Loge (1874) as a starting point to consider fashion and the gaze, students developed the cover and a double page spread of a zine that makes a comment on fashion and identity in contemporary culture. Their themes include gender, social media influence, historical influences on fashion, and ethical and sustainable clothing manufacture.

Congratulations to all of the young people that took part in the project! Have a look at their work in the exhibition pages here, and watch a short message from The Courtauld Gallery below.

Congratulations from Karen Serres, Curator of Paintings

Karen has recorded a short message to students who participated in the project, discussing the relevance of the zines to a 21st century interpretation of La Loge.

Watch the film
Fashion Sense Karen Serres