A Collection of collections

Download the A Collection of collections resource

A Collection of collections is a new resource for teachers that presents a series of curated selections exploring The Courtauld Gallery and making new connections beyond it.

The first – ‘A collection of collections’ – is an attempt to understand the many different sources and routes into the collection that artworks have had. The second – ‘A collection of artwork by women?’ – highlights the work of female artists and some barriers to their inclusion. Finally – ‘A collection of affection’ – explores signs and expressions of affection shown through art.

Each collection includes explanations of why particular artworks have been selected and is followed by some talking points that are intended to prompt further individual thought or class/group discussion. These might well lead to more questions than answers. There is also a suggested activity and an invitation to curate your own collection.

The collections were curated by Toya Walker, Sarah Carne and Jhinuk Sarkar and illustrated by Toya and Jhinuk.

In our learning resources we invite illustrators, artists and art historians to respond to the collection, bringing a range of views and voices into dialogue with the works of art and their histories. We would like to include your voices in the conversation. Please share your responses to this resource with us at:

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Detail from the front cover of A Collection of collections learning resource, illustrations by Toya Walker and Jhinuk Sarkar