Printing and scanning

Staff and students have access to multi-functional devices (MFDs) throughout Vernon Square and Somerset House, which can be used to print, scan or copy documents.

Visitor printing is currently being updated. Please ask a member of staff when visiting the library or contact us at

For wi-fi access and other issues please visit The Courtauld’s IT specific site:

Registering your ID Card

Before you can use the MFDs you will need to register your Courtauld ID card with the print system. If you get a replacement card, you will need to repeat these steps.

  1. Swipe your Courtauld ID card through the card reader (on the right-hand side of the MFD)
  2. Enter your Courtauld User ID  and password (if you need help doing this please ask a member of staff)
  3. The system will now register your details, which may take a few minutes
  4. A screen with options to Copy, Scan and Send or Secure Print will appear
  5.  Your card is now registered!

Where can I print?

The MFDs can be found at:

Vernon Square :

  • in the library (1)
  • in the Library Study Room (1)
  • on the first floor, behind the Lecture Theatre (1)
  • on the third floor, opposite the Public Programmes office, on the way to the common room (1)

Somerset House:

  • on the second floor in the Slide Library (1)
  • on the first floor, in the Director’s Corridor (1)
  • on the mezzanine floor, outside the Finance Office (1)

Which Printer Should I Select?

There are two print queues available:

  1. Black and White: ‘BW Queue on aws-16-pr-01’
  2. Colour: ‘Colour Queue on aws-16-pr-01’
  • To print from your own computer/laptop please submit a document to print via the secure print website.
  • You will need to log-on using your Courtauld User ID and password.
Book open on library scanner

Prices and Topping-up

The cost of printing for Courtauld students is:


  • 5p per page in black and white
  • 20p per page in colour


  • 20p per page in black and white
  • 40p per page in colour

To add credit onto your account, go to the budget recharge website and log-in with your Courtauld User ID and password.

You can find detailed instructions on how to add credit to your account and print from your personal computer in the documents linked below.

Print Anywhere Guide

Web Payment Guide

The balance on your account will remain for the time you are at The Courtauld. If you have credit when you leave you are able to request a refund through the Finance Department.