Sconul Access scheme

The Sconul Scheme is now re-opening and remains the same with only participating members differing at this point. The Courtauld Libraries participates under ‘Band A only’ – meaning that reciprocal access to other institutions is open to Courtauld PhD/research students and staff only.

Key information about SCONUL Access for Courtauld PHD/Research and staff

1.Do not visit another institution until your application has been approved

All information about applying to the scheme is available on the SCONUL website. Please read carefully and fill out your application form on the site. 

Once you’ve applied online the Courtauld Libraries will process your application. You will then receive a confirmation email that you will be able to take to other libraries. Before you visit any other library you must check the visitor access in place, book an appointment if required and so on.

2. Keep an eye on the website of the library you want to visit

This allows for any sudden changes to pandemic-related restrictions.
Check online at

3. Prior access does not mean current access
Some institutions that previously participated in the scheme are not participating at this time.
You are not guaranteed access to an institution because you previously used it.
Check before you visit!
You must also reapply for library access if your approval has expired
Please remember access granted under the Scheme is a privilege and not a right.

External SCONUL Access to Courtauld Libraries

If you are an external user wishing to access the Courtauld Libraries through the SCONUL Acess scheme, please see the information on our external visitors page.