Dissertations (MAs) and theses (PhDs) can play an important role in your research.        Courtauld dissertations and theses are available in different formats depending on the year of submission.

Electronic copies of MA dissertations and PhD theses

We are able to provide access to electronic copies of Courtauld MA dissertations from 2017 onwards and PhD theses from 2010 onwards.  2021 and 2020 dissertations are currently being catalogued.  In the meantime details of them can be found below along with the request form which should be submitted for every request.  Please use one request form per item.

All completed request forms should be sent to


Print copies of MA dissertations and PhD theses

Please note that we are currently advising a 6-day turnaround for requested print theses and dissertations, due to reduced capacity at our remote storage and the need to quarantine items for 72 hours.



Request form for dissertations and theses


MAHA Dissertations 2019-2020

MAHA Dissertations 2019-2020

MACU Dissertations 2019-2020

MACU Dissertations 2019-2020

MAHA Dissertations 2020-2021

MAHA dissertations 2020-21