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Inter Library Loans (Interloans)

The Library can borrow or obtain digital copies of research resources from other libraries in the UK and abroad for Courtauld students and staff through inter-library loan.  Loans are administered by our interlibrary loans team:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can request an inter library loan

You can use the inter-library loan service to request books, journal articles and theses held by other libraries.

What formats can I request?

Under copyright law, libraries can provide digital copies individual articles from journal issues and chapters or 10% of booksOther libraries may be able to lend the whole book or thesis if you need to read more. 

How many requests can I make?

Please contact us if you need to request a number of inter-library loans. You need to complete separate forms for each request. 

How long does the process take?

Library staff will process inter-library loan requests on weekdays, except those when The Courtauld is closed. The location and availability of the item you have requested will determine how long the process takes. For example, other libraries are usually able to provide digital copies of book chapters and journal articles within 5 working days while loans of physical items from abroad may take over one monthIf you need access quickly, you may find it quicker to visit another library to use the item. Please see our other libraries web page for more information. 

How will the Library share the item with me?

Library staff will email digital copies of book chapters and journal articles to your Courtauld email address. We will contact you at your Courtauld email address when physical items arrive. Please note that you will need to use  physical items in the Vernon Square Library.

Can I share the inter-library loan with other people?

No, the inter-library loans the Library provides through the service (including digital copies) are for your use only. You should not share them with anyone else. 

I need help, how can I contact the Library?

Information about all of the Library’s services is available on our web pages. If you cannot find what you are looking for or need assistance, please contact us. 

Information for External Libraries

The Courtauld Book Library lends material to academic libraries outside of London, and does not accept requests from individuals.

For libraries within the UK & Republic of Ireland, charges are set by the British Library Document Supply Services.

Overseas academic libraries will be charged via IFLA vouchers.

To make a request, please contact us at

Please note that the following items are not available for inter-library loans:

  • Closed Access/Special Collections
  • Reference/ ‘Not for Loan’
  • Oversize items
  • anything printed before 1900
  • fragile items (at our discretion)
  • whole issues of journals.

Courtauld MA & PhD Theses

The Book Library holds second lendable copies of PhD theses submitted by students of The Courtauld Institute of Art. PhD theses can be loaned to other academic and research libraries except the ones written in 2008 and 2009 which are available for consultation within the library only. We do not lend our MA theses but they can be viewed by appointment within the library.