Preparing For Your Course

This page provides useful links to all the important information you’ll need ahead of starting in September. Please do read and follow all appropriate pages as listed below.

Welcome Week and Student Union activities start on Monday 19 September 2022, with the Autumn term beginning on Monday 26 September 2022. Whilst some of our activities this year may take place online, please ensure you are able to attend events across this entire period. Further details about Welcome Week will be emailed out in our Enrolment Update in early September.

Important dates and documents

Below are the key dates in the lead up to Welcome Week:

17 June 2022: Accommodation Application Due for Duchy House and Intercollegiate Halls

Accommodation Application Form

20 July onward: Student Visa Applications (International Students only)

You cannot typically apply for a student visa before 20 June (3 months prior to your start date) as your visa will be refused. As such, we usually will not issue CAS’s until late-June at the very earliest. We will also only issue your CAS once your offer is considered Unconditional.

Further details about applying for a student visa

For general guidance on student immigration, please go to

31 August: Qualification(s) and English Language Exam Results Due

Degree and Qualification Results

If your offer is conditional, we require proof of your qualification(s). Please email a copy of an original final, official transcript to or

Please retain your original transcript as we may require this during Enrolment, even if you have already supplied an electronic copy of your transcript as part of your application.

This does not apply to students who are currently taking A or AS levels.

If your registered email is a school/university email which will be deactivated after completion, please let us know your personal email address for our record. Our primary means of communication is via emails-including important enrolment information.

English Exam Results – We cannot issue you a CAS in support of a visa application if have not provided proof of passing your English Language Proficiency exam. Although you have until 31 August to supply your English Language Proficiency exam results, we would advise that you take the exam sooner so your visa application is not delayed.

Important dates and documents

Enrolment Dates

The full enrolment schedule will be made available by early September. As we will be looking to reduce physical contact points this year, we will likely be looking to have flexible, online enrolment for most students.

International Students – All students subject to immigration control (including Study Abroad and returning students) must collect thier Bio-metric Residence Permit (BRP) prior to enrolment. Further information regarding this will be available at the start of September.

Reading Lists

Reading lists for the various programmes and options we offer will be made available here as they are approved by programme/option tutors. If the reading list for your programme/option does is not available by mid-July you may wish to contact your tutor directly.

BA History of Art

The reading list for the BA History of Art programme can be found here (Please scroll down to the FAQ section).

MA History of Art

Byzantium and its Rivals: Art, Display and Cultural Identity in the Christian and Islamic Mediterranean

Documenting Fashion: Modernity, Films and Image in America and Europe, 1920-1960

New York-London-Paris, 1880-1940

Collecting and Curating the Modern: European Art 1863-1930

Countercultures: Alternative Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America 1959-1989

Continuity and Innovation : Reframing Italian Renaissance Art from Masaccio to Michelangelo

Experiencing Modernism: Utopia, Politics, and Times of Turmoil

Global Conceptualism: The Last Avant Garde or a New Beginning?

Modernism after Postmodernism: Twentieth Century Art and its Interpretation

Miniature to Monumental: Encounters with Medieval Art

There Ain’t No Black in the Union Jack: Race and Nation in Postwar Black British Art

MA Curating the Art Museum

The reading list can be downloaded from here. 

MA Conservation in Easel Paintings

The reading list can be downloaded from here.

MA in Buddhist Art and History and Conservation

The reading materials can be downloaded from below:

  1. Reading Material 1  
  2. Reading Material 2
  3. Reading Material 3
  4. Reading Material 4
  5. Reading Material 5
  6. Reading Material 6
  7. Reading Material 7
  8. Reading Material 8
  9. Reading Material 9
  10. Reading Material 10

Graduate Diploma in the History of Art

The reading list for the Graduate Diploma in the History of Art programme can be found here.


Student Status Letters

As a student you will be entitled to access many discounts and benefits; however you must be enrolled first. As such, you will need to wait until after you are enrolled to receive any student status letters for libraries, banks or Council Tax exemption.

Term Dates


At the beginning of September you will be emailed an invoice for your tuition fees. You may contact our Finance Office to pay your tuition fees in advance of enrolment, though no payment is expected until your enrolment date. Information on how to pay fees can be found here.

If you are self-funding and wish to pay your fees in two instalments, you should fill out the Tuition Fee Special Arrangement Application and return it to our Finance Office along with a covering letter stating your reasons for the request. If you will be financing your studies through a student loan which you expect to receive in instalments, you will NOT need to fill out this form; you should simply present proof that you will be in receipt of a student loan at the time you enrol for your course.