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Showcasing Art History: Art and Society in Renaissance Florence

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Showcasing Art History 2020, Spring Term

Showcasing Art History: Art and Society in Renaissance Florence

Vernon Square, Penton Rise, Kings Cross, London

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Speakers Include

  • Dr Scott Nethersole

Organised by

  • Dr Anne Puetz - Short Courses, Courtauld Institute of Art

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£195 10 lectures

Lectures cannot be attended individually

The art of Renaissance Florence is often held up as one of the high-water marks of western culture. In this course, we will judge the veracity of this statement, by examining the art produced in the city, its salient stylistic features and its innovations, together with the men (and occasionally women) who commissioned it. We shall begin by considering the cultural heroes that Florentines look up to and the patron saints that (they believed) looked after them. Thereafter, we will consider the narrative that Giorgio Vasari constructed to tell the story of Florentine art, before embarking on classes dedicated to the Medici family and the guilds and confraternities to which artists belonged in the fifteenth century. The remainder of the course is grouped into pairs of lectures: on patronage, both corporate and individual; on style, whether the ‘invention’ of linear perspective or the impact of classical antiquity; and on innovation, from the development of print-making to the appearance of writing on art.

This term will be delivered by Dr Scott Nethersole (5 lectures), with additional contributions by Emily Markham, Alexander Röstel, Dr Joost Joustra and Dr Geoffrey Nuttall.

10 lectures,  14 January 2020 – 17 March 2020

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