Photo of Plantin-Moretus Museum

The City: Seen and Unseen

The research area includes maps, topographical views, fine art representations, photography, film printed ephemera and performance. The chronological scope is from late medieval to the 20th century. Among the cities for investigation are London, Glasgow, Paris, Lyon, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Prague, Istanbul and Cairo.

Topics for discussion under the sign of the visible will include mapping, display, surveillance, fantasy, forensic investigation.

Under the sign of the invisible we will discuss the abject, the unformed, the hidden, the secret and the infrastructural.

This is to be launched initially as a closed reading group involving some of the colleagues listed: Jo Applin, Caroline Arscott, Katie Scott, Joanna Woodall along with selected Research students.

Photo of Plantin-Moretus Museum
Plantin-Moretus Museum (The Golden Compasses). Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium. 16th century & 17th century. Photograph Negative number: A93/1041. Copyright: © Courtauld Institute of Art