Decolonising Action Groups – Events

The Courtauld host a range of events throughout the academic year which include those organised by the Research Forum and the Gallery. The events highlighted on this page demonstrate a small selection of those events which deal either directly with decolonisation, or considering issues relating to it in intersectional ways, such as LGBTQIA+ representation, issues of gender and class, and the climate crisis.

What is represented here is by no means the full picture of the public events which The Courtauld hosts, which collectively demonstrate a development beyond a primarily Western focus on art, art history, cultural heritage, conservation, preservation, curation and museology.

You can find the full range of past events hosted by The Courtauld’s Research Forum here.


Here you can find a selection of events hosted and recorded by The Courtauld which related to decolonisation and other connected fields.

Exhibition poster for a show entitled 'Une autre histoire du monde' at Mucem from 8 November 2023 - 11 March 2024


Another History of the World

5:30pm, 29 Jan 2024 | Free, booking essential

The talk by Professor Pierre Singaravélou will take the exhibition ‘Another History of the World’ currently on view at the Mucem in Marseille as a starting point. ...

Photograph showing an installation of three video screens with two people in sillhouette against them

Open Courtauld, Research

The Beauty Permit

6:00pm, 19 Oct 2023 | Free, booking essential

Join David McAlmont and Robert Taylor as they discuss their exhibition 'Permissible Beauty' and the short film developed from it. ...

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Open Courtauld Hour: A Good Brew

8:00pm, 24 Mar 2022 | Free, booking essential

This Open Courtauld Hour will interrogate the problematic history of tea, coffee and sugar and its connection to objects in The Courtauld Connection. The implicit relationship to the lives of those colonised and enslaved can be exposed through tracin...

Photograph of a black woman standing with her hands on her hips against a backdrop of a bookcase.
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Decolonizing the Museum?

2:30pm, 6 Oct 2021 | Free, booking essential

This lecture discusses a series of practices and experiments initiated by Françoise Vergès around the decolonisation of the museum for the ‘Museum without Objects’ (Réunion Island, 2004-2020), ‘The Slave in the Louvre: An Invisible Humanity’ (Paris ...