Open Courtauld Hour

Open Courtauld Hour: A Good Brew

detail of an oil painting depicting a jar, a vase and a pot with some white cubes in it.

This Open Courtauld Hour will interrogate the problematic history of tea, coffee and sugar and its connection to objects in The Courtauld and collections across the UK. The implicit relationship to the lives of those colonised and enslaved can be exposed through tracing the intended content of seemingly banal objects. Made for tea and coffee consumption these objects tell a darker tale, one that is often obscured by the everyday presence of these items today. These objects can also reveal the stories of ordinary people in the UK and showcase the often disregarded domestic and everyday lives of the working classes.

Join experts, artists and makers, Tasha Marks (Founder of AVM Curiosities), Fozia Ismail (Founder of Arawelo Eats) and the team from Braintree Museum, in scrutinising the commonplace.

This online mini series will provide concise one hour packages of pop-up talks, performances and in detail object study sessions that explore and celebrate our collection, research in art history, curation and conservation.

Most importantly, as art is relevant to all, these informal sessions will give attendees the chance to access, engage and read art and art history through a different lens— revamping and rethinking art historical discussions through retelling hidden stories. These episodes will platform new perspectives, new ways into art practice, looking at art and reading its history through themes that impact us all.

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24 Mar 2022

8pm - 9pm GMT

Free, booking essential


Booking closes 30 minutes before the event start time.  
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Open Courtauld Hour - Episode 6, S6: A Good Brew

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