Museum Debates

Europa in black and white i Europa, Adriaen Collaert, after Maerten de Vos, 1586 - 1591

Museum Debates is a series of public discussions devised, organised and staged each year by the students of The Courtauld’s MA, Curating the Art Museum. The intention is to focus on issues of current interest and urgency relating to museums and galleries and to the practice of curating; to identify speakers with distinct views and perspectives both within the Institute and more widely; and to frame lively debates that engage a broad audience, of students, professionals and the public at large.

Past Museum Debates

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Museum Debate: Material Matters: Materiality in Contemporary Art

6:30pm, 22 Jun 2023 | Free, booking essential

Organised by the MA Curating the Art Museum cohort, this year's museum debate 'Material Matters: Materiality in Contemporary Art' brings together artists, curators, art historians and conservators for a critical discussion on the role that materials ...