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TEDxCourtauldInstitute 2016 Utopia – Breaking the Rules

4 Mar 2016

500 years ago, Thomas More wrote a radical book that has captured imaginations throughout history: Utopia. In it, he presents an ideal society and places importance on the process of dreaming. Utopias may be unobtainable, and may come dangerously close to some people’s dystopia, but More’s book continues to inspire communities and prompt bright ideas.

Inspired by Utopia, the theme of the program, Breaking the Rules, asks speakers and attendees to reflect on what it means to break the rules, dare to do something differently, and dream of change, be it for better or for worse. Life-changing innovations, actions and ideas will ask: if we break the rules of our present moment, what could the future hold?

Event Details:

Sunday, 13th March 2016
11am – 6:15pm
The Great Hall at King’s College London
Somerset House
Londo WC2R 0RN