Argenteuil’s townscape can be recognised in the background, the flamboyant autumn colours and the effect of light and wind on water. The fluttering orange leaves contrast with the blue water, rendered as thick parallel lines.

The Courtauld Images and Rights


To acquire a high-resolution image or for permission to reproduce an image from The Courtauld collection, please contact Bridgeman Images.


Please visit Courtauld Prints to purchase framed and unframed art prints of our Collection Highlights. Prints are available in various sizes, and media, with or without frames. If there is an image you would like to purchase, but is not yet available, please contact Jo Matthews.


To request high-resolution imagery that will be used to publicise Courtauld events and programmes, please contact

For all other press or media uses, please contact Bridgeman at the link above.

Please check the FAQs below if you have any further questions concerning use of Courtauld images.

Images FAQs

Can I use copyrighted material on this website for non-commercial purposes?

The Courtauld makes images of its collection and other content on this website available for non-commercial and educational purposes under a Creative Commons licence CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Unported). For more information on the selected Creative Commons licence, please visit:

You are welcome to use images and content identified as Courtauld copyright for non-commercial purposes in research, private study or study within an educational establishment (such as a school, college or university), for criticism and review.

The source of the image or content must be provided and its copyright status acknowledged. Images of the Courtauld collection and other Courtauld licenced content must be credited with © The Courtauld

Can the Courtauld give permission to reproduce images of works that are in copyright?

No. The Courtauld copyright fully covers only works in the public domain.

Reproductions of works that are in copyright, or involve other third-party rights, may require additional permissions from rights holders. It is the end user’s responsibility to establish whether additional third-party licences are required.

Reproduction of such images or contents fall under the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, as amended and revised. For guidance, visit the UK Government webpages on ‘Exceptions to copyright’.

What are Non-Commercial uses?

The Courtauld regards the following uses of Courtauld copyrighted material as non-commercial:

  • Use in educational lectures and classes
  • Use on websites that are primarily information-led, research-oriented and obviously non-commercial in nature, for example Wikipedia
  • Use on personal social media accounts, provided the individual is not promoting themselves commercially
  • Statutory exceptions to copyright also apply under certain conditions. For details consult the UK Intellectual Property Office’ webpage on exceptions to copyright.


What are Commercial uses?

Creative Commons defines commercial use as “reproducing a work in any manner that is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or monetary compensation”.

The Courtauld regards the following as commercial activity:

  • Use on merchandise production
  • Use of images editorially in films and on TV
  • Use in publications that are sold, including academic books and journal articles
  • Use in advertisements and commercial promotions
  • Use online or in print by commercial organisations, including (for the avoidance of doubt) trading arms of charities
  • Use on an individual’s website in such a way that adds value to their business, or for promotional purposes, or where offering a service to third parties
  • Use of images by university presses in publications online or in print
  • Use in publicity and promotional material connected with commercial events
  • Unsolicited use of images by news media, including front covers and centre-page spreads
  • Use in compilations of past examination papers
  • Use by commercial galleries and auction houses
  • Under charity law, conflicts can arise when one charity is seen as assisting another. Therefore the Courtauld needs to treat other charities (and their trading arms) as if they were “commercial” organisations.

How can I obtain high-resolution images for commercial uses?

Please direct all requests for high-resolution images and licensing to:

How can I obtain an image for exhibition reviews and criticism?

Please contact:

How can I obtain images not currently available in the Bridgeman catalogue?

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