Courtauld Gallery

Photo of the Great Room at The Courtauld Gallery i Photo: Hufton+Crow

Dr Ernst Vegelin (Head of the Courtauld Gallery)

Dr Barnaby Wright (Deputy Head of The Courtauld Gallery and Daniel Katz Curator of 20th Century Art)

Graeme Barraclough (Chief Conservator)

Kate Edmondson (Conservator of Works on Paper)

Dr Alexandra Gerstein (McQueens Curator of Sculpture and Decorative Arts)

Dr Ketty Gottardo (Martin Halusa Curator of Drawings)

Helen Martin-Leak (Honorary Curator)

Tanya Millard ( Assistant Conservator of Works on Paper)

Dr Karen Serres (Curator of Paintings)

Dr Rachel Sloan (Assistant Curator of Works on Paper)

Coralie Malissard, Bridget Riley Art Foundation Curatorial Assistant

Maarten Bassens, Getty Paper Project Curatorial Fellow