Covid-19 Guidance Note for Students

On the 21 February 2022, the UK Government’s published its “living with COVID-19” plan.  In order to protect our community’s health, we recommend you follow the guidance set out below.

  1. Face Coverings

1.1     The government suggests you continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces. The Courtauld encourages the wearing of a face covering in all areas of our premises, unless you are medically exempt.

  1. Symptoms, Lateral Flow Tests and reporting
  • If you have any recognised COVID-19 symptoms or other flu like symptoms, please stay at home and take a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test and follow NHS guidance. Do not come to any of our premises until you have recovered. If you are well enough and able to study from home, please do so.
  • From 1 April 2022, the government will no longer provide free universal symptomatic and asymptomatic testing for the general public in England. The Courtauld holds a supply of LFD kits and will continue to make these available to students upon request[1].
  • In the event of a local COVID outbreak within The Courtauld’s community, testing will be required. If this were to occur, The Courtauld will provide you with a LFD testing kit.
  • If you develop symptoms or test positive, please continue to inform us via This will enable us to provide you with appropriate advice and support and to monitor potential outbreaks.  When e-mailing, please confirm the date you tested positive and if you have been on campus in the 48 hours prior to the test.


  • Ventilation arrangements
  • The Courtauld requires you to continue to support ventilation arrangements. This is important because bringing fresh air into a room or space and removing older stale air that may contain virus particles reduces the chance of spreading COVID-19. When meeting with others do so in a ventilated room (i.e. one with openable windows). After occupying a room i.e. teaching rooms, please leave windows open after you have left the room.


  • General wellbeing


  • The Courtauld strongly encourages you to continue to protect yourself and others by adopting effective hygiene practices to limit contact transmission.
  • The Courtauld recommends all students take up their full course of COVID-19 vaccinations, including boosters where applicable.
  • If you live in Courtauld accommodation (Duchy House), or a third-party providers’ accommodation, please continue to follow Hall Management guidance regarding interacting with and sharing communal spaces with fellow residents.
  • We are aware that the removal of COVID restrictions and requirement for regular testing may be a source of anxiety for some students who are clinically vulnerable. If you have concerns about your wellbeing, we encourage you to seek support from the Wellbeing Team.


  • Providing a COVID safe environment

5.1    The Courtauld will continue to keep under periodical review its COVID risk assessment and outbreak management arrangements and will continue to maintain a range of sensible and proportionate control measures.

This guidance is intended to remain in effect until 31 July 2022 unless directed otherwise by the UK Government, Westminster City Council’s or Islington Council’s Director of Public Health.

[1] LFD kits are available from our Vernon Square reception, Students Advice Desk, or Students’ Union Office.