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For a full list of academic staff view the Academic Staff page.

For a full list of gallery staff view Gallery Staff page.

Student and Academic Services

Elizabeth Harris (Head of Academic and Student Services)
Zander Smith (Admissions & Enrolment Officer)
Lauren Trundle (Programme Administration Officer)
Grant Fisher (Programme Administration Manager)
Alex Hawkins (Admissions and Enrolment Manager)
Haile Abraha (Student and Staff Services Officer)

Amanda Stephen (Executive Assistant to Dean & Deputy Director)

Staff Publications

Dr Karin Kyburz (Witt and Conway Supervisor)


Robert Thorpe (Director of Operations)
Abigail Burtenshaw (PA to Director of Operations)

Courtauld Connects 

Dr Stephanie Hall (Project Director)
Guillame Olive (Programme Manager)


Sarah Hall (Head of Finance)
Alex Mitchell (Finance Assistant, Accounts Payable)
Bronwyn O’Brien (Management Accountant)
Yvonnie Souter (Financial Accountant)
Rena Ramani (Finance Assistant, Accounts Receivable)
Yvonne Harris (Finance Assistant, Accounts Receivable)


Anthony Tyrrell (Head of Estates and Facilities)
Paul Nash (Deputy Head of Estates and Facilities)
Roger Bowman (Facilities Officer)
Sam Delahay (Accommodation Officer)

Human Resources

Laura Calvert (Head of Human Resources)
Hardip Sidhu (Human Resources Manager)
Fozrul Azad (Human Resources Assistant)

Research Forum

View the Research Forum people page

Development Office

View the Development Office contact page

Marketing and Communications

For general enquiries please email

Michael Sherry (Head of Marketing and Communications)
SUTTON PR (Public Relations Agency)
Emily Dodgson (Gallery Marketing and Communications Manager)
Kate Roberts (Student and Academic Marketing and Communications Manager)
Eva Bensasson (Website Manager)
Geoff Moss (Web Developments Manager)

Public Programmes

For general enquiries please email

Henrietta Hine (Head of Public Programmes, supported by Dr Michael and Anna Brynberg)
Stephanie Christodoulou (Programme Manager – Gallery Learning)
Helen Higgins (Young People’s Programme Manager)
Dr Anne Puetz (Programme Manager – Short Courses)
Jackie Sullivan (Short Courses Administrator)
Oliver JG Jones (Short Courses Assistant)
Carey Robinson (Learning and Outreach Manager)
Alice Hellard (Regional Heritage and Learning Officer)
Mark Willetts (Learning and Public Events Administrator)


Philip Pearson (Joint Acting Head of the Book Library and Assistant Librarian – Services & Systems)
Dr Deborah Lee (Joint Acting Head of the Book Library and Senior Cataloguer) 

Book Library

View the Book Library people page

IT Department

Piers Moore (Information Technology Manager)
Sundip Lotay (Information Systems Administrator)
Joseph Arthur (IT Support Team Leader)
Matthew Jackson (Junior IT Analyst)

Digital Media

Tom Bilson (Head of Digital Media)
Faye Fornasier (Digitisation Database and Cataloguing Coordinator)
Camilla Ellingsen Webster (Digitisation Volunteer Coordinator)
Denise Goldman (Volunteer Assistant)
Victoria Bennett (Digitisation Assistant)

Slide Library

Nicholas Orchard (Librarian)
Jonathan Vickers (Deputy Slide Librarian)

Gallery Visitor Services

Caireen McGinn (Visitor Services Manager)

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