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Corporate Partnerships | The Culture of Industry



Corporate Partnerships | The Culture of Industry

Corporate Partnerships | The Culture of Industry

“The Courtauld Institute of Art is today unanimously recognized as one of the most prestigious centres for the teaching and study of art history in the world.”  – Bernard Arnault, President of LVMH/Moët Hennesy Louis Vuitton and President of the Fondation Louis Vuitton

Align your brand to the leading cultural voice on art history, conservation and curating.
The Courtauld Institute of Art offers corporate partnerships through a new initiative titled ‘The Culture of Industry’, strategically aligning industry leaders to our first-class academic programme, exhibition series, masterpiece collection and influential minds in art history, conservation and curating. Access to The Culture of Industry is by invitation only and through a minimum investment of £25,000 per annum for 3 years.

Founding Partners
For a short period of time, The Courtauld invites a select circle of companies to join as Founding Partners to be acknowledged alongside the anticipated opening of the new Courtauld Gallery in 2021. Founding Partners will access higher level benefits and a more tailored partnership to thank you for your ambassadorship of the programme.

Lead Partners
Our premium-level partnership programme with official naming rights and tailored alignment to revered projects at The Courtauld, along with all benefits offered to ‘Partners’. We will work closely with you to consider which programmes or exhibitions would be the best strategical alignment to visibly celebrate your company’s objectives and vision.

Our entry-level programme with set benefits including a breakfast series in London and New York, a stylised video interview for unique online content and behind-the-scenes tours. The benefit deck has been highly-considered to offer illuminating insights and valuable knowledge about culture and the preservation of our global heritage from the Renaissance to the contemporary. This suite also offers industry-access and an introduction to The Courtauld’s global cultural network.

The Courtauld is delighted to announce the support of McQueens Flowers Ltd as a Founding Partner from 2019, enabling the vibrant activity, research and practice of our Illuminating Objects Programme and Sculptural Processes Group.

For further information about The Culture of Industry or for a full suite of corporate benefits, please contact

Grace Davenport
Philanthropy and Corporate Partnerships Lead
+44 20 3947 7754


Image Credit: Candida Powell-Williams, Lessness, still quorum (Judgement), performance documentation, performed by Sara Barbagli, Chiara Favaretti, Alice Tatge, and Harriet Waghorn at Serpentine Galleries, London, September 2018, photo by Rob Harris, courtesy of the artist

*all levels inclusive/exclusive of VAT as applicable

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