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Apply for Accommodation in Halls for 2019/20


Student Accommodation

Apply for Accommodation in Halls for 2019/20

Apply for Accommodation in Halls for 2019/20

Check your eligibility, deadlines, what accommodation is available and how to apply.

The deadline to complete the form is 21 June 2019.

Applications received after 21 June will be considered after on-time applications have been prioritised.

The 2019/20 accommodation application form will be available mid-to-late May, alongside our 2019/20 New Student page. The form allows you to the available rank rooms/halls of residence in order of preference from 1-10.

Accommodation is not guaranteed, as we have a relatively limited amount of accommodation available. We allocate accommodation based on our allocation criteria – primarily home distance from The Courtauld and prior study in the UK. We make every attempt to allocate you a room from your top preferences, but given both high demand and the limited number of rooms available for certain tariffs/halls, this may not always be possible.

You have a greater chance of securing accommodation if you make sure you consider both Duchy House and University of London options within your top 5.

2019/20 Duchy House Room / Tariff Type Comparison

Undergraduates are offered a 38 week contract:

From 11:00 hours on Saturday 28 September 2019 ending 12:00 (midday) hours on Saturday 20 June 2020

Postgraduates are offered a 41 week contract:

From 11:00 hours on Saturday 28 September 2019 ending 12:00 (midday) hours on Saturday 20 July 2020.

Duchy House room comparison Tariff A Tariff B Tariff C Tariff D Tariff E Tariff F
Large en-suite Medium en-suite Small en-suite Medium with shared shower room Small with separate non-shared shower room Small with shared shower room
Contract Length 38 /41 38 /41 38 /41 38 /41 38 /41 38 /41
Rate per week £285.00 £246.00 £209.00 £221.00 £206.00 £182.00
Deposit £200 £200 £200 £200 £200 £200
No. of rooms 8 14 19 10 3 10
Size (m2) # 13-14 m2 10-12 m2 8-10 m2 10-11 m2 8-9 m2 8-9 m2
En suite shower / wc En Suite En Suite En Suite
Shared shower / wc Shared Shared
Bed size Standard Double Bed Standard Single Bed Standard Single Bed Standard Single Bed Standard Single Bed Standard Single Bed
Catered / Self-Catered Self-Catered Self-Catered Self-Catered Self-Catered Self-Catered Self-Catered
Communal Areas Common Room (except 4th floor) Common Room (except 4th floor) Common Room (except 4th floor) Common Room (except 4th floor) Common Room (except 4th floor) Common Room (except 4th floor)
Launderette Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Room size is an approximation and represents the gross internal area, without furniture and fittings; further details can be obtained from the Accommodation Manager at The Courtauld Institute via

See here for further information on 2019/20 Duchy House tariffs for both undergraduate and postgraduate contracts

2018/19 Intercollegiate Halls Room / Halls Comparison
Intercollegiate Halls room comparison Connaught Hall Gardens Hall Gardens Hall International Hall Nutford House
Single Shared Bathroom Standard Superior Ensuite Catered Single Shared Bathroom Single Shared Bathroom
Contract Length (weeks) 38 40 40 40 38
Rate per week £220.50 £207.20 £280.35 £220.50 £197.40
Deposit  £500 £500 £500 £500 £500
No. of rooms 3 3 2 6 6

Further information on what is included at Intercollegiate Halls can be found here.

Application Guidance


Accommodation applications are open to those who hold a conditional or unconditional offer for a programme lasting at least one full academic year at The Courtauld Institute of Art.

Applicants requiring family accommodation will need to look at alternatives – due to our small size we are unable to provide family accommodation within our own halls of residence and our selected allocation of rooms within University of London Intercollegiate Halls.

Application Deadline

Your accommodation application form should be completed by 21 June 2019.

All applicants who have been allocated accommodation should then receive further information by 12 July 2019.

You may still submit an application after the deadline, though late applications will be processed in order of receipt and may only be allocated a room once on time applications have been considered.


If you have a disability and would like to apply for accommodation, please include a covering letter via email to / following your accommodation application describing the nature of your disability. You may also need to provide a medical certificate or other relevant documentation. Where possible we will attempt to accommodate and prioritise students in suitable residences, though not all residences will be suitable for all applicants.

Accommodation FAQs

Q. Can I extend my contract?

Extensions to your stay may be possible at all halls available, but are subject to availability. Please contact the relevant accommodation office for further details.

Q. How will I receive my accommodation decision?

Accommodation offers are sent via email.

Q. What are my chances of getting the accommodation I’ve applied for?

We allocate primarily based on distance and prior study in the UK, prioritising international students and first year undergraduates. Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee accommodation to all first year undergraduate applications due to our small size and variance in demand.

Those living within 90 minutes commuting distance of central London are pragmatically less likely to secure accommodation, though students within this area have secured accommodation in previous years and you are still encouraged to apply.

Q. Can I stay in accommodation between terms?

All contracts include accommodation covering vacation periods between Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

What if I am not successful in securing accommodation through the application process?

There are a number of alternative avenues you may wish to consider:

  1. Courtauld Housing Group on Facebook

Our Students’ Union manage the Courtauld Housing Group on Facebook, an active group for those who are not successful in gaining a place from our initial allocations. To join, simply request to join the group. You can use the group to find vacancies in shared houses with current students, see ads from private landlords, or make arrangements with others to find accommodation together.

  1. Goodenough College (for postgraduate students only)

Postgraduate students may be able to apply for single, couples’ and family accommodation at Goodenough College. The application procedure and allocation is entirely managed by Goodenough College.

  1. UoL Intercollegiate Halls Waiting List

University of London have in the past run a waiting list for students who have not yet managed to secure accommodation.

In order to apply for accommodation on the waiting list, you need to apply directly via University of London. UoL will provide details on their website on how to apply between early-to-mid September.

Applications to the waiting list will be considered for whichever rooms are available and will be prioritised according to need.

  1. University of London Housing Services (for private sector housing)

University of London Housing Services provide extremely helpful advice about renting accommodation in the private sector. Please refer to them for general advice and guidance in to renting in London.

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