Booking for Evening Study Autumn and Winter Online 2024/25

The course fee for Evening Study Autumn and Winter Online 2024/25 courses with 5 pre-recorded lectures is £195, and £395 for courses with 10 pre-recorded lectures. There is an additional fee of £50 for optional Saturday visits where these are offered.

Full payment is due at the time of booking; we strongly advise booking early as our courses are very popular. Our short courses and tours make an unusual and memorable Christmas or birthday present, and gift vouchers are available on request.

Please book using the form below, and when you have completed it, you will be directed to a link to make payments via the secure “Flywire” payment system.

Important notice

We are aware of an ongoing issue for Gmail account users. If you are using a Gmail address you may find that emails from The Courtauld are not always recognised and may go to your spam folder. You may therefore need to check and release emails; and enable The Courtauld in your filter settings/mark emails from The Courtauld as genuine and not spam.