Short Courses 2022

Online and on campus

i Paul Gauguin, The Haystacks, 1889, Oil on canvas, The Courtauld, London (Samuel Courtauld Trust) © The Courtauld

Through the Short Courses department, The Courtauld shares its scholarly expertise with everyone interested in art and art history.  Our courses present up-to-date art-historical thinking, often including our lecturers’ new research, and are led by Courtauld staff, alumni and associates – all experts in their field.

Covering a global range of historical periods and art-historical themes, our programme has much to offer to both art-historical novices and participants with existing knowledge and interests.

To suit the needs of our diverse audience, we have developed a variety of course formats and delivery modes, both online and on campus, ranging from intensive day-time courses over three to five days to new evening courses over five weeks.

From 2022, some online and evening classes also include the option of meeting your lecturer and classmates in person during a Saturday visit.

No pre-existing art-historical knowledge is required to benefit from our courses – our lecturers are chosen for their academic excellence, enthusiasm, and the ability to communicate with a non-specialist audience.  All you need to take part in our courses is a passion for the visual arts and for art history, along with a good command of the English language.

Courses are not assessed and while we provide extensive course materials on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for most parts of the programme, it is up to you how much preparatory and subsequent study you wish to undertake.

If you would prefer to you can view our 2022 courses as an online ‘turn page’ brochure.

Our department is always happy to advise on content and delivery methods, and help with technical matters.  If you have any questions, please contact

If you are interested in more formal study at The Courtauld, including applying for our one-year Graduate diploma, please contact


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The programme runs throughout June and July and offers 18 in-depth art history short courses online, and 14 courses on campus, ranging from Renaissance to contemporary art. All courses are led by experts in their field and student numbers are limited to enable proper conversations. There are extensive course materials for all students, and for online courses lectures are released well in advance of daily live Zoom seminars to allow participants to learn at times suitable to them.

Our courses
A beach with horses, tourists. There are small sailboats in the distance on the sea, and a small town. i Eugène Louis Boudin, Deauville, 1893, The Courtauld, London (Samuel Courtauld Trust) © The Courtauld

Our programmes

Spring School

Online and on campus options. Our Spring School offers three- to five-day intensive introductory and intermediate art history short courses....

Summer School

Online and on campus options. Summer School 2022 features 32 intensive five-day courses on a global range of topics from medieval to contemporary art, and includes a strong representation of classes on curatorial and museological subjects....

Autumn School

Online and on campus options. Our Autumn School offers three- to five-day intensive introductory and intermediate art history short courses....

Showcasing Art History

Online and on campus options. As the programme name implies, the series aims to share the latest art-historical thinking, and The Courtauld’s excellence in teaching and research, with the wider public....

Saturday Study

Saturday Study delivers short, intensive and, we hope, enjoyable events that help to give further context to our temporary exhibitions, or use selected works from our permanent collections as starting points for the investigation of significant art-h...

Evening Study at The Courtauld

In addition to our established Tuesday evening lecture series Showcasing Art History – now also online – we have created a new evening study programme for all those who find it difficult to make time for art history during the working day....