Events recordings – Summer semester 2023

Painting showing a woman kneeling, with her hands in prayer on her forehead, in front of an elephant i “Sumana in Devotion in the inner sanctum of Sri Pada Temple”. Image credit: Mahinda Deegalle. Photo taken on 26 December 2015.

Belatedness and Historiographies of North American Art

Intersections: Entanglements with Medieval and Renaissance Textiles, 1100-1550

Intimate Systems: Trevor Yeung in Conversation with Qu Chang

Painting Pairs 2022-23: Collaborative Research in Conservation and Art History

Śrī Pāda Pilgrimage: History, Icons and Representations of Saman's Divine Abode

Porous Beings: Lotus Laurie Kang in conservation with Xiaowen Zhu

Documenting Fashion: Front and (Off-)Centre: Fashion and Southeast Asia