Event Recordings

All previous Research Forum event recordings can be found on The Courtauld Youtube channel. This page is dedicated to our most recent recordings.

Latest Events

Open Courtauld Hour: Season 5

Open Courtauld Hour: Season 4

Open Courtauld Hour: Season 3

Open Courtauld Hour: Season 2

Open Courtauld Hour: Season 1

The Frank Davis Memorial Lecture Series 2021

Decentering Realisms: 1750 to Now

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Decolonising the Museum

Black Feminist Vision: Artist Lubaina Himid

Radical Acts of Cultural Fluorescence

Tom Day and Jo Applin – In Conversation with Jann Haworth

Analía Saban in conversation with Jo Applin and Pia Gottschaller

Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry: from Vionnet to Dior

Images of Feminist Resistance: Artist Helen Cammock

Brutal Aesthetics – Hal Foster and Kent Minturn in Conversation

‘Display and Displacement in Medieval Art and Architecture’

The Mood of a Place: A Sensible History of India’s Eighteenth-Century Locals and Locales

Meyer Schapiro: Thinking between Art and the 20th Century

Older Recordings

What Collages Do: Four Lessons and a Timeline

‘Remarkable women’: Female patronage of religious institutions, 1300-1550

Iteration: Episodes in the Mediation of Art and Architecture

Light, Land, and Water: Native and non-Native Visions of New England

Addressing Images: Niall Billings

Dan Hicks and ‘The Brutish Museums’

Fashion Interpretations Symposium

Symposium – Precious and Rare: Islamic Metalwork from The Courtauld

Book event: Reflections: contemporary art of the Middle East and North Africa

Continuous Page: Bringing Art Online in a Pandemic

The Elephant in the Room, at Gourdon in Burgundy

Textual Abstraction Within Transnational Modernism

Ethiopian Christians in Florence: Filippino Lippi’s Adoration of the Magi and ‘Miracle of St Philip’

Creators in the get-rich economy: An ‘In Conversation’ with Arnaud Esquerre, Prof Sarah Wilson and Harry Woodlock

Radical Alternatives: Temporal and Spatial Mediations in Contemporary Iranian Art

Print Room Open House

Addressing Images: Nadya Wang

A Rock-Hewn Revolution in Early Medieval Ethiopia

New politics, new methods: James Barry’s printmaking at the time of the American Revolution

Feminism’s Occult Imagination: Artist Tai Shani

Scripture Transformed in Late Medieval England: The Religious, Artistic, and Social Worlds of the Welles-Ros Bible (Paris, BNF FR. 1)

The Big Draw Festival

Book event: ‘Ascendants: Bauhaus Handprints Collected by László Moholy-Nagy’

Afterlives of the Kingdom of Haiti, 1820-2020: Art, Refinement and Material Culture

Violent Fluids: Feminist Histories of Blood

The 38th Annual Gerry Hedley Student Symposium



Art History in Climate Change

Facture Wars: The expanded field of American art in the 1940s

Artist Talk with Sunil Gupta

Ornament and Obsolescence: Lee Krasner’s Mosaics for Wall Street

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