Open Courtauld Hour: Rainbow Lenses

Open Courtauld Hour – The Courtauld’s digital series on all things art history – is back for monthly instalments this Autumn!

An uncensored celebration of queer culture, ‘Rainbow Lenses’ will extol the powerful role of LGBTQIA+ arts and culture in both art history and contemporary society. ‘Rainbow Lenses’ will explore history of art’s potential to not only teach us about the past but also its capacity to illuminate the kind of future we hope to paint. Through queering the canon of art history, this hour aims to facilitate a wider understanding of LGBTQIA+ identities. With the help of our experts we ask you to consider the ways in which our personal experiences influence how we interpret, and make sense of, The Courtauld collection itself.

Join The Vagina Museum (The Vagina Museum is the world’s first bricks and mortar museum about the gynaecological anatomy), Dan Vo (Museum queerator and freelance consultant and Project Manager Queer Heritage and Collections Network at Art Fund), Edwin Coomasaru (Associate Lecturer at The Courtauld), Andrew Cummings (PhD student at The Courtauld), Tilly Scantlebury (PhD student at The Courtauld) and Jay Hulme (An award winning transgender performance poet, speaker and educator) for the last Open Courtauld Hour of 2020!

This online mini series will provide concise one hour packages of pop-up talks, performances and in detail object study sessions that explore and celebrate our collection, research in art history, curation and conservation.

The series will touch on pertinent issues — magnifying contemporary thinking in society through the field of art history. These episodes will explore how the public, artists and galleries are adapting to a digital world, showcasing art historical research in light of this global pandemic and providing a platform for creative practice in the age of social distancing.

Most importantly, as art is relevant to all, these informal sessions will give attendees the chance to access, engage and read art and art history through a different lens— revamping and rethinking art historical discussions through retelling hidden stories. These episodes will platform new perspectives, new ways into art practice, looking at art and reading its history through themes that impact us all.