#DAHRG keynote seminar

The Art of Losing: A Wishlist for Responsible Digitization

Free and open to all

The Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand, London

Wed 13 Oct, 2021

Emma Stanford’s keynote seminar is the first #DAHRG event of 2017/18!

If you are already joining us for the Digital Art History: Practice and Potential conference at the Paul Mellon Centre that day, then there is no need to book a ticket for this event.

What makes a good digital surrogate? How do we minimize and mitigate the loss of fidelity inherent in digitization? Is it possible to create digitized resources that accommodate not only current research needs but future ones? Using case studies from the past 25 years of digitization and from the longer history of visual and textual reproduction, this lecture will explore the weaknesses and strengths of digital reproduction, survey current efforts to create richer digitized resources, and discuss the difficulties these efforts face. In this context, the lecture will propose a wishlist for the responsible creation and curation of digital surrogates, emphasizing linked, machine-readable metadata, an interoperable and standardized discovery interface, high-quality images that acknowledge the original object’s multidimensionality, and the facilitation of scholarly interaction with and enrichment of the object.


As the Bodleian Libraries’ Digital Curator, Emma Stanford oversees a portfolio of digitization projects, plans future projects, and manages Digital.Bodleian, the Libraries’ digital collections portal. She also conducts scholarly outreach and user studies for Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services. She is primarily interested in enabling discovery of and engagement with digital resources across a wide range of users. She holds an MSc in Library Science from City, University of London, and a B.A. from Middlebury College.