Open Courtauld Hour

Open Courtauld Hour: Art in Isolation

Open Courtauld Hour – The Courtauld Institute of Art’s brand new weekly series of Art historical mini-festivals – is here!

Why does art matter in quarantine? Lockdown has been transformational in how artists, galleries and museums are adapting to an online world to continue showcasing and making art. Join Alixe Bovey (Head of Research at The Courtauld Institute of Art) in exploring the importance of creative practice and artistic consumption in a time of isolation. Alixe will examine this issue through discussions with Courtauld’s own Barnaby Wright (Deputy Head of The Courtauld Gallery), the National Gallery’s Caroline Campbell (Director of Collections and Research at the National Gallery) and Underpinnings Museum’s Lorraine Smith (Co-founder). The hour will include a one-off poetic reinterpretation of Paul Cezanne’s ‘Montagne Sainte-Victoire with Large Pine’ by award-winning poet Shagufta K Iqbal.

Alixe Bovey | Barnaby Wright | Lorraine Smith | Caroline Campbell | Shagufta K Iqbal

The series will touch on pertinent issues — exploring how artists and galleries are adapting to the digital world, showcasing art historical research in light of this global pandemic and providing a platform for creative practice lockdown. These episodes will focus on four themes impacting the arts today. This will range from ‘Art in Isolation’, ‘Art and Wellbeing’, ‘The Future of Art History’ to ‘Women Artists’.

This weekly online event will take place from wherever you, via zoom, will give you time to clap for our carers — the event launching on Thursday the 30th of April, 20.05 – 21.00.

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30 Apr 2020

Free, but prior booking essential