Alumni Tour of Petworth House

Sat 30 Jan, 2021

An exclusive tour of Petworth House in Sussex to see ‘Turner and the Age of British Watercolour’ led by Janet Sinclair (BA 1976), House and Collections Manager of the property, Janet will lead us on a private tour through this new exhibition that offers a rare opportunity to see a major dimension of British art not normally encountered at Petworth and to consider it alongside their renowned collection of oil paintings and sculpture from the same golden period, 1780-1850.

Opening this January this unique collaboration features 36 outstanding loans from The Higgins Museum, Bedford – one of the finest collections of British watercolours, assembled through judicious purchases made in the post-war years. For Turner and the Age of British Watercolour these are complimented by additional exhibits from the Martyn Gregory Gallery, London, a leading present-day dealer in the field.

Loans include seven compelling watercolours by JMW Turner, famously represented by twenty oil paintings at Petworth, and iconic examples by such great contemporaries as John Constable, Paul Sandby, John Robert Cozens, Thomas Girtin, Francis Towne, Richard Parkes Bonington, John Sell Cotman and David Cox, none of whom are found in the Petworth collection.

After the tour there will be by an oppurtunity to access to the North Gallery, Red Room, Carved Room, Oak Hall and Artist’s Studios until 15.30pm when the property closes. There is also a Conservation Display in the Servants’ Quarters and a Spotlight on Conservation in the Historic Kitchens. The Café and Pleasure Grounds are open until 15.15.

An early lunch may be taken in the Audit Room Café prior to the event.

Meeting Place: Exhibition Room, Servants’ Quarters