The 2016 Courtauld Institute of Art Postgraduate Symposium: Showcasing New Research

The Courtauld Postgraduate Symposium 2016 Showcasing New Research is a platform for third year PhD students to present their research and to initiate critical discussion about their materials, media and approaches with a broad scholarly audience. The papers tabled cover artefacts and images as diverse as medieval bronze tombs and messages encrypted in digital images, and they deploy methodologies that are attentive to questions of authorship, materiality, performance, reception and interpretation. The Postgraduate Symposium aims to debate and disseminate the new research of its research students and to promote intellectual exchange at all levels of the degree programmes.


Thursday 10 March (DAY 1)

11.30 – 11.45 Welcome and Introductory Remarks

11.45 – 13.10 SESSION 1: Reconstruction and Restoration (Chair: Jonathan Vernon)

Maeve O’Donnell, The Case of the Missing Stairs: Fernando III’s royal chapel in Seville’s cathedral-mosque

Chiara Pasian, Performance of grouts with reduced water content

Matilde Grimaldi, Recreating the lost Romanesque cathedral of Tortosa (Spain): 1148-1703

13.10 – 14.00 BREAK FOR LUNCH (not provided)

14.00 – 14.55 SESSION 2: Artists’ Circles (Chair: Catherine Howe)

Will Atkin, The Alchemical Legend of the Surrealist Object, c.1929-1934

Judith Lee, The Chemical Characterisation of Water Sensitive Oil Paint

14.55 – 15.50 SESSION 3: Painting Places (Chair: Thomas Hughes)

Samuel Raybone, Gustave Caillebotte’s Philatelic Impressionism: Collecting Stamps and Painting Paris, c. 1876-1877

Camilla Pietrabissa, Painting for painters: the landscapes of Jean-Baptiste Forest (1636-1712) and artists’ collections in Paris

15.50 – 16.10 TEA/COFFEE BREAK (provided in the Lecture Theatre)

16.10 – 17.15 SESSION 4: Artists’ Travels (Chair: Albert Godycki)

Austeja Mackelaite, The Ancient Object in the Drawn Oeuvre of Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617)

Bryony Bartlett-Rawlings, ‘Giving Voice to Sculpture: Nicoletto da Modena’s Apollo and Mercury’

Friday 11 March (DAY 2)

12.30 – 13.25 SESSION 5: Places of Commemoration (Chair: Imogen Tedbury)

Ann Adams, Materiality and Allegiances: Four Copper-Alloy Tombs of Knights of the Golden Fleece

Emma Capron, New Evidence on Simone Martini’s Work & Network in Avignon

13.25 – 14.20 SESSION 6: Spaces of Performance (Chair: Julia Secklehner)

Lydia Hansell, Witnessing the Nativity: Commemoration of a Cardinal

Sarah Hegenbart, Via Intolleranza II: Can Luigi Nono’s notion of azione scenica safeguard Christoph Schlingensief’s Opera Village Africa against postcolonialist attack?

14.20 – 14.50 TEA/COFFEE BREAK (provided in the Lecture Theatre)

14.50 – 15.45 SESSION 7: Art Spaces and the State (Chair: Massoumeh Assemi)

Jenna Lundin Aral, Information as Spectacle: Exhibitions by the MoI

Jessie Robertson, Don’t Feed the Network: Encrypted Aesthetics in the Post-Snowden Age

15.45 – 16.05 Comfort break

16.05 – 17.00 SESSION 8: Negotiating Spaces (Chair: Theodore Gordon)

Svitlana Biedarieva, Moscow 1980: the City and the Void

Kristina Rapacki, ‘The skin of our teeth’: vandalism and civilisation in Asger Jorn’s Situationist production

17.00 – 18.00 KEYNOTE: Dr Mechthild Fend (UCL), Anatomical Still Lifes: The Reconfiguration of the Body in Bidloo’s and De Lairesse’s Anatomia Humani Corporis (1685)

18.00 RECEPTION (Front Hall)

The 2016 Courtauld Institute of Art Postgraduate Symposium: Showcasing New Research

10 Mar - 23 Mar 2023

10 Mar - 23 Mar 2023

The Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand, London