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Admissions Policy

Assessing applicants

At every stage of the selection process, Institute staff use the following criteria for assessing applicants. Successful applicants will demonstrate:

  • potential for developing the skills used in the study of humanities subjects, such as History, English Literature, Religious Studies or Geography. Skills required in the study of art history include critical thinking, the analysis of texts, debating ideas, and writing.
  • a potential aptitude for the analysis of visual material. The ability to translate what you see into words, and ultimately into coherent discussion, is a skill that needs practice and development like any other. Successful applicants will demonstrate the desire to make that development, and be willing to extend their approach to visual images under the guidance of their tutor.
  • the potential to thrive in the environment offered by a specialist teaching institute. Their level of maturity should be such that they can negotiate both large lecture courses and small seminar groups, managing tasks such as oral presentations and group discussions. A potential for some teamwork as well as individual contribution to the community is desirable.
  • openness to new ideas, and a tolerance for the ideas of others. They will demonstrate both a desire to learn and the potential to be teachable.

 Admissions Policy 2016-7

Policy on Admission of Students Under the Age of 18 years

 Undergraduate Selections Criteria

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