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Information about Athens

Information about Athens

Athens is an Access Management System that enables secure access to many of the online resources and journals subscribed to by the Book Library.



Accessing Athens following activation of  your account – New Students

An email with instructions on how to activate an Athens account was sent to new students in the week of 7th October 2019. Nearly all students have successfully activated their accounts, however if you have not   you can contact for further help.

Once you have activated your account,  make sure that you are using the right username (begins with ‘cia’, so not the same as your student id) and also make sure that you are logging in at the right place. Do not attempt to use the link provided in the original activation email: please go instead to the Open Athens portal.

How do I access resources via Athens?

If you are on campus (logged on to an Institute workstation or using your own device connected to Institute wifi), then you do not need to use Athens. Your status as a registered user at the Courtauld is recognised by the IP range.

If you are off campus you have two choices for accessing resources via Athens:

  1. The Book Library website gives a list of the library’s Online Resources.  You can link through to resources from there. Once you arrive at your chosen resource you will be prompted to log in. Bear in mind that how this prompt appears, and the location on the page where you log in, will be different depending on the resource. An Athens login box may pop up without  you doing. If not, you are looking for an option that says to log in via your institution, and you choose Athens/Shibboleth as the means of logging in. It will bring up an Open Athens login box; put in your credentials and then you will be redirected back to the resource.
  2. Alternatively, for a full list of resources accessible via Athens, log on first to Open Athens and select the Resources tab. You’ve already authenticated by signing in at the Open Athens portal, so you should be able to link straight through to the resource.


Any questions?

Ask a member of staff in the Book Library, call 020 3947 7630, or email

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