The Centre for American Arts – Past Events

The Centre for American Art organises a variety of conferences, lectures and workshops throughout the year. Here you will find an archive of past events.

2021/22 Academic Year

Photograph showing an installation view of an exhibition

Centre for American Art, Research

Reconsidering ‘Riffs and Relations’

5:00pm, 25 Apr 2022 | Free, booking essential

This presentation will chronicle the conception and planning of Riffs and Relations, taking a hard look at the triumphs and missteps.  ...

Oil painting depicting part of the Statue of Liberty, by Norman Rockwell

Centre for American Art, Research

American Art and the Political Imagination

Friday 18th March, 2.00pm - 5.00pm GMT and Saturday 19th March, 1.45pm GMT - 6.15pm GMT | Free, booking essential

This conference originated from a single question: In what ways have art and visual culture contributed to the formulation of the American political imagination?...

Photograph of a folder label which reads 'Abstract Impressionism'

Centre for American Art, Research

American Art Archives in Britain

3:00pm, 6 May 2022 | Free, booking essential

This two-day symposium will feature papers presenting case studies, roundtable discussion of the questions about archives the project raised, and a keynote talk by Professor Michael Leja. ...

Woven artwork

Centre for American Art, Research

Louise Bourgeois: Woven Yarns

6:00pm, 10 Feb 2022 | Free, booking essential

This talk will explore the role of weaving as material and metaphor in Bourgeois’s practice, and her psychic identifications with woven textiles....

Photograph of a piece of yellowed paper with writing on

Centre for American Art, Research

Workshop :“How close can I get to someone? Will we become each other”: Epistolary Subjects, Objects, and Methods in Feminist Art, Art Writing, and Art History

10:00am, 9 Dec 2021 | Free, very limited space, booking essential

In this participatory workshop involving writing experiments and collective discussions, we will revisit, handle again, the letters we have discovered in the archives of the artists and subjects we study, considering our roles as interlocutors across...

Cover of a book showing a photograph of Harold Rosenberg

Centre for American Art, Research

Harold Rosenberg and “The American Action Painters”

5:00pm, 22 Nov 2021 | Free, booking essential

Harold Rosenberg (1906-1978) is still primarily known by a single essay, “The American Action Painters,” which was published in ARTnews in 1952.  When the piece appeared in the December issue, the response was phenomenal.  Not only did it galvanize a...

Geometric image made up of rectangles of white, black and green

Centre for American Art, Research

Not / Making / Marks: On Lygia Clark’s Organic Line

6:00pm, 18 Nov 2021 | Free, booking essential

This talk concerns the Brazilian artist Lygia Clark’s concept of the “organic” line: an interval of space that appears between a painting and its frame, a door and its lintel, or tiles on the floor....

Photograph showing group of people sitting next to a road under a sign reading 'Whittier Boulevard'. They are wearing masks and there are images of skeletons placed by them.

Centre for American Art, Research

Guerrilla Art and the Politics of Punitive Literacy

5:00pm, 15 Nov 2021 | Free, booking essential

In this talk, Faye Glessier aims to provide an alternative historical narrative for guerrilla art in the U.S. that emerged in the late 1960s and gained legibility throughout the 1970s. ...

Oil painting depicting a man on a damaged boat in the middle of shark infested waters

Centre for American Art, Research

Forgetting and Remembering the Sea with Winslow Homer

5:00pm, 25 Oct 2021 | Free, booking essential

This lecture interrogates Homer’s marines anew by focusing on the unique epistemology and materiality of the ocean. The late photographer and theorist Allan Sekula has called the oceans a “forgotten space.” Indeed, art historians tend to look out to ...

Painting showing a central figure with bagpipes and two figures in Scottish clothing dancing

Centre for American Art, Research

Gatecrashers and the Promise of American Art

5:00pm, 18 Oct 2021 | Free, booking essential

Nearly one hundred years ago, artists without formal training “crashed the gates” of the elite art world, as their paintings of American life and fantastical scenes derived from their imaginations began appearing in major museums. This talk draws upo...

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