Considering Collecting

The Considering Collecting series

Collections of art and artefacts can be found everywhere, from major museums and galleries to the lobbies and offices of international businesses to people’s homes. Some collections are made by committee, influenced by trends and investments, while others are driven by personal taste and choice. Decisions about who and what to collect can be made strategically, based on gaps in an existing collection or the increasing value of a type of work, or can be more spontaneous and subjective, dependent on an affinity with an artist, medium, or period.  

The six online events in the ‘Considering Collecting’ series explore collecting from different perspectives, lifting the lid on the behind-the-scenes of the art market and the museum sector. The series will cover a broad range of issues including: what motivates people and organisations to collect; the impact of digital technologies on collecting; caring for collections, including documenting, cataloguing, and labelling; how ephemeral artworks can be collected; the historical and contemporary position of women in the world of collecting; and how organisations are working to create more representative art collections.  

The series is supported by Laurence C. Zale Associates, Inc., a visual arts advisory company 

Previous events

people in a gallery space, standing and looking at pictures hanging on the walls, behind a sculpture

Open Courtauld, Research

Considering Collecting: Women and Collecting

6:30pm, 19 Apr 2022 | Free, booking essential

In the fifth event in this series, the panel will discuss the neglected stories of women artists, collectors and historical figures, as well as their own experiences as women in the field of visual arts. ...

Abstract painting by Sam Francis


NEW DATE: Considering Collecting: Collections within Collections

6:30pm, 7 Mar 2022 | Free, booking essential

In this ‘In Conversation’ event, Coralie Malissard and Barnaby Wright will be joined by the artist and collector Linda Karshan to discuss the history, character, and importance, of the recent Karshan Gift to The Courtauld Gallery (on display 19 Novem...

Photograph showing ceramics and paintings on display in a domestic setting.


Considering Collecting: Collecting Today

6:30pm, 12 Oct 2021 | Free, booking essential

This first event in the 'Considering Collecting' series brings together experts and collectors to share knowledge, insight and advice on collecting artworks. ...