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Spring Semester 2024

A still from the film 'Daphne' showing a woman holding a laurel wreath. She stands against a white wall.


Daphne on film: Eco processing 16mm film with bay-laurel

5:30pm, 25 Mar 2024 | Free, booking essential

Join the artist Catriona Gallagher in this performance lecture and screening which explore her process of developing 16mm film in bay leaf infusions and phytogram prints on film and photographic paper, as well as her research on the metamorphosis of ...

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Making Choices

6:00pm, 19 Mar 2024 | Free, booking essential

Professor Dorothy Price FBA, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art and Critical Race Art History...

Three people standing in a gallery looking at objects from the Medieval and Early Renaissance period
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Careers for Medievalists?

10:00am, 16 Mar 2024 | £12

Sponsored by the British Archaeological Association, this event aims to demonstrate the range of career options available to medievalists, especially those studying in Art History and adjacent disciplines such as History, Archaeology and Heritage Stu...

A Mosaic detail of Roger II wearing a blue robe and a gilded sash, receiving the crown from Christ. Christ appears taller than him and as if hovering, wearing a brown and dar blue robe, he also holds a parchment on his left hand.


Authority and Identity in the Middle Ages

10:00am, 15 Mar 2024 | Free, booking essential

In this postgraduate colloquium, speakers will explore new and alternative perspectives on how art and material culture reflect and produce concepts of identity and authority in the Middle Ages...

a screeshot from the video The Earth Turned Green
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Solar Wheels and other stories

6:00pm, 11 Mar 2024 | Free, booking essential

Shen Xin is an artist and storyteller who uses video, sound, installation and performance to tell ‘embodied stories’ about forms of inhabitance and dwelling – how we live with others in the places we are drawn to, settle in or claim as ours, as well ...

a mixed media work showing two black figures holding each other
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Museum Debate - Contested Threads: Curating Textiles

6:30pm, 4 Mar 2024 | Free, booking essential

Organised by the MA Curating the Art Museum cohort, this museum debate 'Contested Threads: Curating Textiles' brings together artists, curators, and art historians for a critical discussion on the display of textiles in contemporary art spaces, expl...

Open Courtauld, Research, The Courtauld Gallery

Royal School of Needlework at The Courtauld

10:00am, 1 Mar 2024 | £150

The Royal School of Needlework and The Courtauld are delighted to be partnering on a Canvaswork hand embroidery class inspired by a stunning Floral Back Chair from the museum’s Bloomsbury Room. The one-day class will be held at the museum on Friday 1...


Venetian Disegno: New Frontiers

5:00pm, 8 Feb 2024 | Free, booking essential

Coinciding with the final days of the exhibition La Serenissima: Drawing in 18th century Venice, this event marks the publication of the volume Venetian Disegno: New Frontiers 1420-1620....

Exhibition poster for a show entitled 'Une autre histoire du monde' at Mucem from 8 November 2023 - 11 March 2024


Another History of the World

5:30pm, 29 Jan 2024 | Free, booking essential

The talk by Professor Pierre Singaravélou will take the exhibition ‘Another History of the World’ currently on view at the Mucem in Marseille as a starting point. ...