Courtauld Cast

A new podcast from The Courtauld

Go behind the scenes at London’s prestigious gallery and specialist arts university The Courtauld, hosted by Professor Alixe Bovey.

Courtauld Cast is produced by novel for the Courtauld Institute of art and generously supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Thanks to our producers, Harry Cooke and Claire Crofton and executive producer, Jo Wheeler.

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S1 Episode 1: Relaunching The Courtauld Gallery

In this episode we discuss the relaunch of the Courtauld Gallery following its ambitious transformation to make our world-class artworks, research and teaching accessible to even more people. Guests include Barnaby Wright, Deputy Head of The Courtauld Gallery and Daniel Katz Curator of 20th Century Art; Karen Serres, Curator of Paintings and Chris Watson Co-director of our appointed architects Witherford Watson Mann.

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Photo of man looking at Van Gogh paintings i Photo: Fergus Carmichael