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Dr Sofia Gotti

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Sofia Gotti completed an AHRC Collaborative PhD Studentship with Tate Research and Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her doctorate, supervised by Dr. Michael Arbury, Jessica Morgan and Tanya Barson, emerged under the aegis of the exhibition The World Goes Pop (on show at Tate Modern in 2015-2016), and focuses on 1960s Pop art practices in Argentina Brazil and Peru. She holds a BA from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design (2010) and an MA from The Courtauld Institute of Art (2012). Sofia has previously taught at University of the Arts London, and in 2015–16 she was the Hilla Rebay International Curatorial Fellow at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation working in New York, Bilbao, and Venice.

Teaching 2016-17

  • MA History of Art Special Option: Countercultures. Alternative Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America 1959-1989

Research interests

  • International art movements
  • Pop art
  • The modalities of North American cultural imperialism
  • Art and politics in South America
  • Counter-pornography and third-wave feminism
  • Primary research


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