Silvia Rita Amato

Conservation Scientist, Department of Conservation

I am a Conservation Scientist whose research interests focus on the technical examination of paintings using imaging techniques and spectroscopic methods; artists’ materials and painting techniques; and the application of new methods for the technical study of paintings.

I work as a Conservation Scientist in the Department of Conservation of The Courtauld, where I design and deliver technical analysis of paintings to address technical questions, assess conservation condition and examine materials and techniques.

I introduce and supervise MA students in the practical use of methods for technical imaging of paintings and other methods of material analysis.

I deliver lectures and workshops on specific aspects of technical imaging of paintings, data processing and Health and Safety.

I co-supervise MA students research projects and provides support to PhD an Post-doctoral fellows.

Following an MA in Science for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage from the University of Parma (Italy, 2012), I obtained a PhD in Conservation at The Courtauld in 2022, which focused on the contribution of reflectance imaging spectroscopy and MA-XRF scanning to the study of paintings by Édouard Manet from The Courtauld Gallery. In 2013, I was a post-graduate intern at the Science Section of the Conservation Department of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, where I examined a group of Jain and Hindu manuscript folios from the V&A collection using optical microscopy, Raman microscopy and X-ray fluorescence.

I researched and published on the technical analysis of Byzantine wall paintings, Jain and Hindu manuscripts, and Impressionist paintings.

Research interests

  • Imaging techniques
  • Spectroscopic methods
  • Artists’ materials and painting techniques
  • Application of new methods for the technical study of paintings
  • Technical Art History
  • Conservation Science
  • History of Art


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