Maureen Cross

Lecturer, Conservation and Technology

Maureen was appointed in 2005 as a full-time lecturer in the Conservation & Technology Department. She has a BA Hons. in Art History from Hunter College: City University of New York. She has worked at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum-Smithsonian Institution. She then moved to the UK to study easel paintings conservation at the University of Northumbria, completing her MA with Distinction in 1998. She has since worked as a professional conservator at Tate, the Manchester Galleries, and the National Museums of Liverpool.

Teaching 2020-21

Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Easel Paintings

  • History of Artists Materials and Techniques
  • History and Practice of Written and Photographic Documentation
  • Practical Conservation and Restoration of Easel Paintings
  • Practical Paintings Techniques for Replicas
  • Research Seminar – Considering Contemporary and Modern Art
  • Physical History of Works of Art

Research interests

  • Materials and techniques of modern and contemporary artists.
  • Applied conservation research for treatment solutions

Recent publications

Essays, articles and reviews

  • Rutka, Fiona and Cross, Maureen, ‘The Making of Fiona Rae, RA: In Conversation with a Young British Artist’, Immediations 3, (3) (2014)
  • Pearson, Harriet, Cross, Maureen and Barker, R., ‘Protecting Impermanence: a preliminary investigation into the care of temporary artworks’, Immediations 3, (1) (2012)
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  • Brummitt, Sophie and Maureen Cross, ‘”A Painter of ‘Strong and Good Likenesses” Studying some Gilbert Stuart portraits from Saltram House’, National Trust: Arts Building Collections Bulletin, Autumn Issue (October 2011) 14
  • Ormsby, Bronwyn, Maureen Cross, Elli Kampasakali, Lise Chantrier-Aasen, Patricia Smithen, ‘An Evaluation of Artists’ and Conservation Varnishes for Acrylic Emulsion Paint Films.’ in ICOM-CC 16th Triennial Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 19-23 September 2011: Preprints, Mng. ed. Janet Bridgland, International Committee of Museums, Paris (2011) 1-11
  • Cross, Maureen, Sophie Brummitt, ‘Gilbert Stuart In Britain (1775-1787): A Technical Study of Selected Work from Saltram House, National Trust Property, Devon,’ Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, 51 (2) (Fall/Winter 2011) 87-104
  • Tate-Harte, Alice, Chantal-Helen Thuer and Maureen Cross, ‘Materials Focus: Funori: A New Medium for Consolidation and Retouching’, The Picture Restorer 36 (Spring 2010) 13-14
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  • Cross, Maureen and Sarah Skinner, ‘Restoring Spontaneity: Conserving Duncan Grant’s ‘Caryatid’ from the Collection of Manchester City Galleries’, Cr: Interdisciplinair Vakblad voor Conservering en Restauratie (2004) 18-27
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  • Bennett, Richard, Maureen, Cross and Joseph Padfield, ‘Conference Review, Under Pressure’, University of Northumbria, 7-11 April 1997, The Picture Restorer, 12 (Autumn 1997) 21-24

Lectures/conference presentations

  • ‘Gilbert Stuart Across the Atlantic.’, Lunder Conservation Center: Conversations with Conservators, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC, USA, 23 July 2013
  • ‘An evaluation of artists’ and conservation varnishes for acrylic emulsion paint films.’ ICOM-CC 16th Triennial Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, September 19-23, 2011
  • ‘The Conservation Treatment of Woman in a Courtyard by Julian Trevelyan’, Modern Paints Uncovered Symposium. Tate Modern, London, UK, 16-19 May 2006.
  • ‘Frederick Pickersgill’s Samson Betrayed: Maureen Cross talks about the conservation teams’ restoration of this work’. Manchester Art Galleries, Manchester, 24 June 2003.
  • ‘From Sausage Rolls to Sushi and Back Again: Lessons for successful travelling block-buster loans’. Part and Parcel of the Job: Planning, Packing and Transporting Loans for Exhibitions, The British Museum, London, 9-10 May 2002.
  • ‘A Preliminary Study of the Tensile Properties of a Degraded Natural Linen Canvas with a View Towards Determining a Lining Programme’. The 16th Gerry Hedley Student Symposium, Queens College, Cambridge (Hamilton Kerr Institute), 29 May 1998.