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Giulio Dalvit

PhD student

Thesis: Rethinking Lorenzo di Pietro, known as Vecchietta (1410-1480)
Supervised by: Dr Scott Nethersole

Funded by:
– AHRC / Arts and Humanities Research Council (2016-19).
– Garfield Weston Scholarship (2016-17).

My research aims at reassessing the art-historical significance of Lorenzo di Pietro, known as Vecchietta.
Despite being always considered a pivotal figure in Renaissance Siena, the last monographic study on the artist dates back to 1937. This comes hardly surprising: a painter, sculptor, illuminator, goldsmith and architect, Vecchietta was once rightfully described as ‘the least approachable of all Sienese artists’ (J. Pope-Hennessy).
In the twentieth century, all other major artists from Quattrocento Siena have been devoted unflagging scholarly attention – and this played out in terms of attributions too. Consequently, Vecchietta, a crucial yet overlooked artist, has become more of means by which to explain other phenomena, rather than an artist worth attention per se. Scholars have thus set forth a formulaic reading of the artist’s career, which does not account for the subtlety of his idiosyncratic visual grammar and syntax.
Time is long overdue to concentrate on Vecchietta alone, on his artistic personality, thus putting to test the current narrative of both the artist’s career, and of the Sienese Quattrocento as a whole.


• 2016 – present, Ph.D. – The Courtauld Institute of Art.
• 2014-15, MA History of Art, Distinction, The Courtauld Institute of Art (tutor: Dr Scott Nethersole).
• 2011-14, BA Humanities, 110/110 cum laude, Università degli Studi di Milano (tutor: Prof. Giovanni Agosti).

Work Experience

• 2016, New York, The Frick Collection, Ayesha Bulchandani Curatorial Intern.
• 2015-16, Milan, Museo Poldi-Pezzoli, Graduate Intern.

Research interests

• Sienese Quattrocento
• 1430s in Tuscany
• Fifteenth-century Rome
• Art in Italy in the twentieth century
• Caravaggio
• Counter-Reformation Cardinals

Recent publications

• ‘Caravaggio a Malta’, in P. Aiello (ed.), Il vero Caravaggio, Milan, forthcoming publication.
• ‘The iconography of Vecchietta’s bronze Christ in Siena’, The Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, forthcoming publication (vol. LXXX, Dec. 2017).
• book review: ‘G. Testori, Il Gran Teatro Montano, ed. G. Agosti, Milan 2015’, Immediations, 2017, forthcoming publication.
• ‘Per Carlo Borromeo e la sua collezione di antichità’, in G. Agosti, J. Stoppa (eds), Un seminario sul Manierismo in Lombardia, Milan 2017, pp. 79-105.
• ‘New York-Milan et retour: un murales dimenticato di Keith Haring in via Laghetto?’, Concorso. Arti e Lettere, VIII, 2016, pp. 83-98.
• ‘Cairate: Santa Maria Assunta’, in G. Agosti, J. Stoppa, R. Sacchi (eds), Bernardino Luini e i suoi figli. Itinerari, Milan 2014, pp. 28-33.

Conference papers

• Leonardo e Bernardino Luini nel Novecento, Naples, Convento di San Domenico Maggiore, September 2014.
Carlo Borromeo a.k.a. Caos, Milan, Università degli Studi, April 2016.
• Caravaggio a Malta, Milan, Università degli Studi, May 2017.


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