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Professor Eric Fernie

Professor Emeritus
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Born Edinburgh, first degree Witwatersrand, postgraduate diploma at The Courtauld; lectured at the universities of the Witwatersrand and East Anglia, and then held the posts of Professor of Fine Art at Edinburgh and Director of The Courtauld. Fellow of the British Academy, the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Society of Antiquaries of London (of which he has been President), and the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

Research interests

  • Medieval and especially Romanesque architecture
  • Medieval architectural planning and metrology
  • Art historical theory
  • Historiography



Selected publications


  • Tomb and Temple: Re-imagining the Sacred Buildings of Jerusalem, edited, with Robin Griffith-Jones, Woodbridge, 2018.
  • Romanesque Architecture: the First Style of the European Age, Pelican series, London and New Haven, 2014.
  • The Architecture of Norman England, Oxford, 2000, paperback 2004.
  • Art History and its Methods, London, 1995.
  • An Architectural History of Norwich Cathedral, Oxford, 1993.
  • The Architecture of the Anglo-Saxons, London, 1983.


  • ‘Definitions and Explanations of the Romanesque Style in Architecture from the 1960s to the Present Day’, A Companion to Medieval Art, Conrad Rudolph, ed Blackwells, Oxford 2019, 407-16.
  • ‘1066 and Ecclesiastical Architecture’, 1066 in Perspective, David Bates, ed Royal Armouries Museum, 2019, 187-203.
  • ‘Peterborough Abbey: the Norman Church’, The Art, Architecture and Archaeology of Peterborough Cathedral and the Soke of Peterborough, Jackie Hall, ed. (British Archaeological Association), 2019,  161-78.
  • ‘Éléments des méthodes du dessin utilisées pour les édifices romains et médiévaux’, Regards croisés sur le monument médiéval. Mélanges offerts à Claude Andrault-Schmitt, Marcello Angheben, Pierre Martin and Éric Sparhubert, eds Turnhout, 2018, 95-106.
  • ‘The eastern parts of the Anglo-Saxon church of St Wystan at Repton: function and chronology’, Antiquaries Journal, 98,  2018, 95-114.
  • ‘Patronage, Romanesque architecture and the Languedoc’, Romanesque Patrons and  Processes, Jordi Camps, Manuel Castiñeiras, John McNeill and Richard Plant, eds (British Archaeological Association), 2018, 73-82.
  • ‘De la Normandie aux états latins d’orient: l’architecture normande ou l’architecture des Normandes?’, Penser des mondes normands médiévaux, David Bates and Pierre Baudoin, eds (Caen), 2016, 309-24.

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