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The Courtauld launches new ‘In Detail film series

27 Jul 2020

The Courtauld is today launching ‘In Detail’, a series of weekly short films presented by our academics and curators that will reveal the hidden details in some of the most iconic works in The Courtauld Collection.

The ‘In Detail’ series will focus on 9 artworks in our collection by revered artists including Renoir and Cézanne alongside works by Botticelli and Bruegel, and the Courtauld Metalwork Bag.

Each episode will reveal elements in the artwork that may not be immediately obvious to the viewer –smudges of paint, fingerprints, fingernail marks and hidden details that can only be viewed close-up or under a microscope.

The series will also reveal secret motives, ideas and alterations and will give viewers a unique opportunity to experience, enjoy and understand these artworks in a new light. Each episode can be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in art and art history.

Episodes will be available to watch every Monday and Thursday until 27 August via The Courtauld’s YouTube channel and social media channels.

Join us in rethinking, reframing and reengaging with of some of The Courtauld’s most famous artworks.

Watch Episode 1:  Still Life with Plaster Cupid by Paul Cézanne

Watch Episode 2: The Dream by Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Watch Episode 3: On Lake Lucerne looking toward Fluelen by J.M.W Turner

Watch Epsiode 4: The Trinity with Saints by Sandro Botticelli 

Watch Episode 5: Virgin and Child by Parmigianino

Watch Episode 6: La Loge by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Watch Episode 7: Young Woman Powdering Herself by Georges Seurat

Watch Episode 8: Landscape with the Flight into Egypt by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Watch Episode 9: The Courtauld Metal Bag