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Response to A Level Art History Being Axed

14 Oct 2016

The definition of Art History as a ‘soft subject’ and the demise of its existence as an  A Level  seriously misunderstands a subject which  is enormously important to the economy,  culture and well-being of this country.  History of Art is a rigorous interdisciplinary subject which gives its students the critical  skills to deal with a world that is increasingly saturated with images. It brings together visual analysis with history, languages, literature, chemistry, and art and design to name but a few inter-related areas of study and  research. Those studying it at university level have a significant impact across the cultural sector, especially in public museums and galleries. Art History as a subject needs to be much better known and not denigrated. The Courtauld Institute of Art, the oldest higher education institution in this country dedicated to its study,  is deeply committed to increasing understanding and enjoyment of the study of the history of art and to working with others to ensure that it is embedded across the school curriculum and is accessible to all our school students.