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Degas’ Dancers: A Courtauld Masterpiece opens at the Herbert, Coventry

14 Mar 2016

In an exclusive display, Edgar Degas’ world renowned painting, Two Dancers on a Stage is being exhibited at the Herbert, Coventry, alongside accompanying works from The Courtauld’s collection. The display, which opened on 11 March, offers visitors in Coventry a rare and free opportunity to view this masterpiece along with one drawing and two bronze sculptures.  All examine the subject of dancers, either performing or at rest.

Courtaulds’ Coventry plant in the 1930s

Courtaulds’ Coventry plant in the 1930s

The works help highlight the importance of the connection between Coventry and The Courtauld, as the city played a key role in the success of the Courtaulds company.  In 1905 Courtaulds Ltd built its first viscose plant in Coventry, employing thousands of people. The wealth generated enabled Samuel Courtauld to develop his magnificent collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, which form the basis of The Courtauld Gallery collection.

Degas’ Dancers: A Courtauld Masterpiece is open from Friday 11 March to Sunday 19 June 2016