Decolonising Action Groups – Reading Lists

Below are some suggested readings relating to decolonisation in the context of art history, cultural studies, curation and conservation, as well as the higher education system and our wider cultural landscape. These have been loosely organised into thematic reading lists and are by no means exhaustive.

If you are a current student or staff member at The Courtauld, many of these texts are accessible either physically or as ebooks through our Library. Links are provided where possible.

We are always open to new suggestions – please share these with 

Decolonising History and Art History

Decolonising Art History, edited by Catherine Grant and Dorothy Price: OPEN ACCESS

Shades of Black : Assembling Black Arts in 1980s Britain, edited by David A. Bailey, Sonia Boyce, and Ian Baucom: E-BOOK

Black artists in British art: a history since the 1950s to the present, by Eddie Chambers: E-BOOK

Travel and See : Black Diaspora Art Practices since The 1980s, by Kobena Mercer: E-BOOK

Black and British – A Forgotten History, by David Olusoga: Print copies available 

African Europeans An Untold Story, by Olivette Otele: Print copies available 

Indigenous London : Native Travelers at the Heart of Empire, edited by Coll Thrush, Kate Shanley, and Ned Blackhawk: E-BOOK

Inglorious Empire – What The British did to India, by Shashi Tharoor: Print copies available 

Decolonising the University and Higher Education

Decolonizing the university, edited by Gurminder K. Bhambra, Dalia Gabrial and Kerem Nianciogiu: E-BOOK

Decolonizing methodologies: research and indigenous peoples, by Linda Tuhiwai Smith: E-BOOK

Narrative Expansions : Interpreting Decolonisation in Academic Libraries, by Jess Crilly and Regina Everitt: E-BOOK

Arts-Based Methods for Decolonising Participatory Research, edited by Satu Miettinen, Tiina Seppälä and Melanie Sarantou: E-BOOK


Decolonising Museums, Galleries, and Cultural Heritage

The Brutish Museums: The Benin Bronzes, Colonial Violence and Cultural Restitution, by Dan Hicks: E-BOOK

Practicing Decoloniality in Museums : A Guide with Global Examples, edited by Csilla E. Ariese and Magdalena Wróblewska: E-BOOK

Decolonizing Colonial Heritage : New Agendas, Actors and Practices in and beyond Europe, edited by Britta Timm Knudsen, John Oldfield, Elizabeth Buettner and Elvan Zabunyan: E-BOOK 

The Postcolonial Museum: The Arts of Memory and the Pressures of History, edited by Iain Chambers, Allesandra de Angelis, Celeste Ianniciello Mariangela Orabona and Michaela Quadraro: E-BOOK

Decolonizing museums : representing native America in national and tribal museums, by Amy Lonetree: E-BOOK

Anti-Racism, Post-Colonialism, Intersectionality and Beyond

Yellow Peril! An Archive of Anti-Asian Fear, edited by John Kuo Wei Tchen & Dylan Yeats:  Print copies available 

Do Muslim Women Need Saving? by Lila Abu-Lughod: E-BOOK

Don’t Touch My Hair  by Emma Dabiri: E-BOOK 

White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo: Print copies available 

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race, by Reni Eddo-Lodge: E-BOOK

Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America’s Heartland, by Jonathan Metzl: Print copies available 

Me and White Supremacy : Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor, by Layla F. Saad: E-BOOK

Whitewalling: Art, Race & Protest in 3 Acts, by Aruna D’Souza: Print copies available 

Necropolitics (Theory in Forms), by Achille Mbembe: E-BOOK

On the Postcolony, by Achille Mbembe: E-BOOK

Orientalism, by Edward Said: Print copies available 

On decoloniality: concepts, analytics, and praxis, edited by Walter D. Mignolo and Catherine E. Walsh: E-BOOK

Women, Race and Class, by Angela Davis: Print copies available 

The Wretched of The Earth, by Franz Fanon: Print copies available 

Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism, by bell hooks: Print copies available

Sister Outsider, by Audre Lorde: Print copies available 

Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights : Neo)colonialism, Neoliberalism, Resistance and Hope, edited by Nancy Nicol, Adrian Jjuuko, Richard Lusimbo, Nick J. Mulé, Susan Ursel, Amar Wahab and Phyllis Waugh: E-BOOK