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Giotto’s Circle promotes the study of the art and architecture of Italy in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and encourages the exchange of information and ideas about these works among scholars, curators, and conservators, both nationally and internationally.

The circle was founded by a small group of UK-based researchers active in the field. We meet informally, two or three times a term, for discussions, seminars, handling sessions and visits. We also aim to provide a forum for a wider group of interested scholars. To that end we occasionally offer events for a larger audience: lectures, workshops, and day conferences.

We are currently building our e-mailing list and would be glad to hear from art historians, curators, and conservators who would like to be informed about future events. (Please send name, e-mail and postal address, institutional affiliation (if applicable), and brief details of particular areas of interest and expertise to

Archive of activities from the academic year 2004-2005 onwards

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