Coming to The Courtauld on a Study Abroad Scheme

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Coming to The Courtauld on a Study Abroad Scheme



Coming to The Courtauld on a Study Abroad Scheme
Peach Trees in Blossom
Peach Trees in Blossom
Peach Trees in Blossom
Peach Trees in Blossom

The Courtauld Institute of Art, based in the heart of London, offers a lively Study Abroad Programme to undergraduates from all over the world who are currently enrolled on accredited degree programmes. You can register for a full year from September to June, the autumn term from September to December, or a spring semester programme that runs from January to June.

 As a Study Abroad student, you will be fully integrated into The Courtauld community, and given access to our superb Gallery, our great libraries, and all the rest of our facilities, as well as to our rich programme of scholarly events.  The experience will also teach you that there is no better place than London to study the history of art, and that as a true ‘world city’ it offers a plethora of cultural and other resources that can hardly be surpassed.  At The Courtauld you will find, too, that there are always things to do, people to meet and places to explore, while you immerse yourself in a subject that endlessly fascinates us all.

Key Facts

Status Part of a full time programme
Applications are individually assessed
Duration up to 1 year
Language Skills English

Study Abroad at The Courtauld

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Students will be admitted onto the second year of the BA History of Art, which introduces more specialised investigation and enables students to develop critical thinking and extend their detailed knowledge of art historical periods.

Students here for one Study Abroad term will participate in:

  • Frameworks for Interpretation
  • One Constellations Course

Students here for a full Study Abroad year will participate in:

  • Frameworks for Interpretation
  • Two Constellations Courses

Full Year students will also complete the extended essay (as per BA2)

Please refer to the BA History of Art programme page for more further information on the above courses.

All students attending on the study abroad programme will be submitting assessed work. The number of assessments submitted will vary depending on which modules are taken. Students attending for just one term (Autumn/Spring) will submit assessed essays (in some cases there may also be presentations); for students attending spring-summer and the full academic year, the formal assessment will consist of the formal examinations held in the summer term

We welcome applications from students from all over the world. Applicants must be enrolled on an accredited programme at a recognised institution and must have a good academic record. If you hold a qualification from outside of the UK, please feel free to contact the Academic Registry; however, please be aware that our staff are unable to confirm whether you will be invited to interview, as candidates are judged on the strength of their applications as a whole.

Students are admitted into the second year of the BA History of Art based on their present course of study and progress on that course.


All applicants are expected to have an effective knowledge of English, both spoken and written. For applicants whose first language is not English, we require proof of English proficiency – for details, please see the English Language Requirements page.


2019/20 Fees Available Here

Fees are subject to change each academic year. You can find out what qualifies as home, EU, and overseas fees here.

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Apply for this course or download a prospectus for more information.

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