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Fees and Finance



Fees and Finance

For the academic year 2018-19 the tuition fees for this course are:

UK Full time: £9,250

EU Overseas Full time: £18,180

It is not possible to confirm fees for future academic years, as these are dependent on Teaching Excellence Framework outcomes, but the maximum increase in each year will not exceed the rate of inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Course-related costs 

Printing: Students asked to submit written work in a printed format. Students have access to printing facilities on campus, and the costs for printing are outlined below:

Print A4

£       0.05

Print A4 Color

£       0.20

Print A3

£       0.10

Print A3 Color

£       0.40

Photocopying : Students have access to photocopy machines in the Book Library and the costs for photocopying are outlined below:

Copy A4

£       0.05

Copy A4 Color

£       0.20

Copy A3

£       0.10

Copy A3 Color

£       0.40

Scanning: Scanning documents/photographs etc. is free for students.

PC/ Laptops: Students are strongly advised to have their own PC or laptop, to aid their study, however there are a limited number of desktop PCs available and free to all to use, within the computer laboratory, situated within the library.

Books and other resources: a wide range of resources, including core texts, are available from The Courtauld Book Library, including in the form of e-books. Students also have free access to other libraries in London, such as Senate House, and the V&A and British Library, provided they register.

Travel: Overnight travel, (which forms part of some Year Three modules), is subsidised (in 2018-19, the subsidies are £150 for each UK trip; and £300 for trips to Europe; £550 to other destinations). The Courtauld also provides full travel insurance for all trips. Trips are planned with the subsidies in mind, in order to minimise any additional costs for students. However, it is possible that subsidies will not cover all travel and accommodation costs, as well as entry fees to various museums/ galleries. Students will be given notice of the planned Study Trips and the expected costs at the beginning of Year Three, and are encouraged to speak to Student and Academic Services, should they have any financial worries about the trip

Accommodation and living costs not included in the fees: An overview of The Courtauld and University of London accommodation can be obtained from our Accommodation page https://courtauld.ac.uk/study/student-life/accommodation. Alternatively, some students prefer to seek private accommodation through London estate agents to fit their budget and desired specifications.

Sources of financial support

If you receive funding from Student Finance you may be eligible to apply for additional financial support.


The Courtauld Bursary provides financial support on a sliding scale for Home undergraduates registered as students at The Courtauld Institute of Art who meet set Widening Participation criteria. The Bursary is aimed at supporting students to study at The Courtauld who come from under-represented groups in higher education.

Details can be obtained from the Financial Support for Undergraduate page

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