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One Day and Short Loans

One Day and Short Loans

There is no access to the 1 day loan collection while our physical libraries are closed due to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

We are working with course leaders to identify alternative course readings.

1 day loan items are denoted on the online catalogue with ‘ONE DAY’ next to the class number.

1 day loans are on open access and are held in the hallway leading from the issue desk to the Burgundy Room.

Students may borrow up to two 1 day loans at the same time, and these can be taken out of the library.

A very small number of texts – those most in-demand and those from our special collections – are available as 3-hour short loans and may be booked ahead of time.

Short Loans are denoted on the library catalogue as “SHORT LOAN COLL”. They can be collected from the issue desk.

Loan Periods

1 day loans:

  • Must be returned by 10am the following day
  • Borrowed on Fridays must be returned by 10am on the following Monday
  • Can be used on a reference only basis within the Library when the issue desk is closed


To ensure that 1 day and short loan books are returned in time for the next user, the following penalties apply for their late return:

Up to 30 minutes late No borrowing of any books for the remainder of the day and the next 24 hours
Over 30 minutes late No borrowing of any books for 7 days


It is not possible to reserve 1 day loans, however please speak to a member of Library staff if you have problems accessing any book from the short loans collection, or email


All photocopies held in the 1 day loan collection conform to copyright legislation and are covered by the Copyright Licencing Authority (CLA) currently granted to the Institute.

Please send any inquiries to the Short Loan Librarian
Tel +44 (0)20 3947 7578

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