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Looking for online resources?

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Looking for online resources?


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Looking for online resources?

Effective use of online materials is essential for your studies and research.

The development of ‘information skills’ is a continuous process throughout your research. The Book Library is here to support you!

We run regular skills workshops, advertised on the VLE. You can also contact us for a 1-2-1 appointment.

Your starting point and strategies will differ depending on what kind of material you are looking for, and for what purpose you are searching.


Are you looking for a specific article (e.g. that you’ve seen in a bibliography?)

If you know the title of the journal the easiest starting point is our E-journals A-Z list, from where you can link directly to a large number of major art and art history publications. Note that if your title doesn’t appear there it doesn’t mean it’s not accessible some other way. Just ask!

Online Resources

If you are searching for material in your subject area the best place to start are some of our online resources.

You can browse our list of resources by format (textual, image, AV etc.) or using the A-Z list. Each entry has a description page and you can link through to the resource from there.

What is an online resource?

An online resource is the name we give to a collection of online information, normally brought together by a single publisher for learning and research. Just as the Library purchases books and other physical materials for the library, we buy online resources too. Some are focused on a specific subject area; some contain information in particular formats. Some resources are very broad in scope and useful for all types of subject areas; some are much more specialist.

Where should I start?

There are a few very large databases containing articles and other textual material which are a good start for most art and design topics. Try the following as a starting point:


Athens is an Access Management System that enables secure access to many of our online resources. For guidance, depending on type of material and where you are accessing from, see the Athens area of our website.

Senate House membership

Remember that students and staff can get a Senate House Library membership, enabling them to access all of Senate House’s online resources. As they are a bigger library than us, with broader subject coverage, their online collections are more extensive than ours – particularly useful for more in depth or cross disciplinary research.

Short subject guides

We will be creating some brief pdf guides, intended to give suggested starting points for your subject area; please watch this space.

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